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What is a sugar baby?

Sugar baby, what we call an attractive member, is an attractive and young woman, beautiful, ambitious, intelligent and well-educated individuals with exquisite taste. She is an open-minded woman who is not constrained by traditional definitions of relationships, and she is looking for a generous mature man to create a relationship on her terms that perfectly fits her desires, broadening her horizon and satisfy her demands. She’s ambitious and deserves a successful member who can be a mentor, friend, partner, lover and intimate in her life.

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Henderson, NV, USA
I'm looking for some speical guy to have an casual relationship with me, build a mutual respect relations.

SugarBaby 5'8Average
Orlando, FL, USA
Looking for a mature man to support me, I really need a nice guy spoil me with good things and support me with finance.

Allen Park, MI, USA
I'm a positive person enjoying clibing, motorcycle and hiking. I wish to find someone love those sports too.

Chesterfield, VA, USA
I love movies, computer games and pets. I'm looking for someone who could take care of me and spoil me

SugarBaby 5'7Student
Oakland, CA, USA
I love this site, I love to talk with different people and share meaningful conversations with others

Thompsons Station, TN, USA
Want to find an nice sugar daddy who is willing to pamper me with luxury things, everything can be negotiated.

Auburn, WA, USA
I'm looking for someone to build a meaningful sugar relationship, especially some handsome guys.

SugarBaby 5.8Average
Warner Robins, GA, USA
I have a kid 10-year-old boy, I'm tired of dating I want to find some real man to establish relationship with.

Lynchburg, VA, USA
I'm looking for some handsome guys who could support me and I would like to make him fun.

Akron, OH, USA
I'm trying to become a successful sugar baby. I really hope meet kind guy who could mentor me

Sugar Baby 5'8Average
Aurora, CO, USA
I'm an interesting girl and good at singing and dancing, currently I'm looking for an nice boyfriend

Sugar Baby5'9Athletic
Parrish, AL, USA
I'm looking for someone who could take care of me and support me, we will have a happy time together.

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What A Sugar Baby is Not:

Prostitution: Plenty of people regard sugar baby and engaging in prostitution as the same thing, the truth is that there’s a line of distinction between the two. Being a prostitute is dangerous, prostitution is a professional sex worker by selling her body for money. Prostitute has no choice of their clients - it means that they may be facing maltreatment, emotional and physical abuse and under control of a pimp. Sugar baby is a lifestyle, and most sugar babies are well-educated elite singles, they can choose a mature and successful sugar daddies on their terms.

Gold Digger: People who are solely for digging money in a relationship is what we called gold digger. Sugar baby is a sapiosexual who tend to be attracted to a successful and generous mature man, she appreciates his great personality and mindset. On our community, sugar baby is an attractive goal digger instead of gold diggers.

Sugar Baby Job: Sugar baby is just a lifestyle instead of a job referring to earn money. Sugar baby is the same as “girlfriend”, “life partner”, “boyfriend”, sugar daddy application community is offering you the best platform for seeking a genuine hypergamous relationship.

Entitled: Being a sugar baby does not mean you are entitled, selfish, self-absorbed or self-important. Our ideal sugar babies are a beautiful and graceful attractive member who respects diversity and be polite and graceful to all matches, even when others are rude or he is not the perfect match.

We believe that sugar babies in SugarDaddyApplication are a different breed. Any illegal activities or violations, please report them to our customer service.

sugar baby dating
  • Age & location: 25, U.S.A
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Body type: Slim
  • Occupation: Single
  • About me:I’m 25 and a very active woman. I have a goal to get my Ph.D in psychology. I also love to start my day in my art studio. My personality is both warm and outgoing, but I am definitely a woman who holds a certain level of intelligence and strength. My confidence radiates from me naturally and is warmed by my genuine. I have a flirty personality and s*x appeal that is gravitating and only inviting to those I genuinely connect with. I take absolute pride in my appearance and physical maintenance as I believe any woman should. Manicure/pedicure, facial and hair appts are weekly. I need a man who appreciates these things as they are important to me.

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