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Welcome to Sugar Daddy Application! Where you can find wealthy sugar daddies/sugar babies near you. All memberson this website have their photos and income verified.

Every successful relationship can only work if two parties agree on what they expect, and what they can give and receive from each other. On sugar daddy websites, we stimulate sugar daddies to give enough and you will take much. We want relationships to be balanced so that sugar relationship could maintain for a relative long-term.

What Is A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Daddy: typically rich and successful men. Our sugar daddy site only serves the top 20 richest countries' sugar daddies. Sugar daddy is a gentleman who has financial security, refined taste, exceptional experience and resources, but they have sacrificed all his personal life. So he comes here to look for someone to share his extraordinary life and create a meaningful relationship. Sugar relationship could be considered as a new relationship to be set in his schedule. Members including businessmen, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs...

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Albertville, AL, USA
Looking for someone to connect with emotionally at first and come out and enjoy a weekend...

SugarDaddy 6'5"Average
Falls Church, VA, USA
my match would be an attractive, fun-loving,adventurous person who likes travel,swim...

Williamsburg, VA, USA
Looking to have fun with no drama no fakes, I wish someone has a good heart and is trustworthy that not lie.

San Jose, CA, USA
I hope there is a woman that understands that we have all been hurt and we all need to earn each other's trust.

SugarDaddy 5'9Student
Miami, FL, USA
I'm looking for companionship that starts as friendship and see where the journey takes us...

Sparks, NV, USA
We don't know what we want until we see and experience a certain person. I realize my worth is based on...

Parsippany, NJ, USA
Stupid men are focused on looks and everyone here is beautiful. It's her character and how welcoming,friendly.

Houston, TX, USA
When I am attracted I will respond to your financial needs with what I have to give, which is from the heart.

Irvine, CA, USA
I'm single no ex wife/kids, I love to drink, take trips by car/train, view new places and enjoy new things...

Miami Beach, FL, USA
I'm fun, honest, respectful,and reliable, and I play no games &live every second like its my last.

Sugardaddy 6'4Average
Tampa, FL, USA
I'm an interesting man and good at swiming and golf, currently I'm looking for an nice girlfriend

Ogden, UT, USA
I'm looking for someone who hot,smart and sexy, I will give you what you want we will have a happy time together.

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What A Sugar Daddy is Not:

Splenda Daddy: some of you may have heard the term “Salt Daddy” or “Splenda Daddy” which represents fakes or stingy person. The sugar daddy application community is one platform where successful members are generous in nature. Our anti-scam system will effectively eliminate fakes and scammers, in addition to salt sugar daddies are not welcomed to our websites.

Escort Service: some people may consider that sugar daddy comes to sugar daddy websites for finding escort service. Sugar daddy application is neither providing escort service nor offering transaction relationship. Sugar daddy is successful members who expect to search for a high-end lifestyle, and they are looking for some like-minded soulmate who he really desires and establish a meaningful relationship to share his life with her.

Rude or Lier: Even you are rich and successful men does not mean you can treat others rudely or humiliate them. A successful sugar daddy is expected polite and fulfills your promise if you have made a promise for your sugar baby. Sugar daddy on our community is expected to be generous gentlemen who understand how to respect others.

Ego or self-centered: Even you are rich, successful and powerful, it does not mean you will be surrounded with all members or you get can get whatever you want. Be respectful to others and you will gain others respect too.

We believe that sugar daddies in SugarDaddyApplication are a different breed. If you find sugar daddies who obey the rules we set above, any illegal activities or violations, please report them to our customer service team.

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  • Age & location: 25, U.S.A
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Body type: Slim
  • Occupation: Single
  • About me:I’m 25 and a very active woman. I have a goal to get my Ph.D in psychology. I also love to start my day in my art studio. My personality is both warm and outgoing, but I am definitely a woman who holds a certain level of intelligence and strength. My confidence radiates from me naturally and is warmed by my genuine. I have a flirty personality and s*x appeal that is gravitating and only inviting to those I genuinely connect with. I take absolute pride in my appearance and physical maintenance as I believe any woman should. Manicure/pedicure, facial and hair appts are weekly. I need a man who appreciates these things as they are important to me.

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